Mission Statement

GoPower will provide high-quality, cost-effective diesel generators for our clients worldwide. Our goal is to provide our dealers with the best equipment, services, training and spare-parts to ensure that the end user will never be compromised.

Company History

Established in 1988, GoPower originally specialized in electro-mechanical services. As the company grew, GoPower diversified its services to distribute  renowned brands of diesel generators. From our work in the field, we have realized that we could do a better product for a much better price. With a worldwide shortage of good quality generators, GoPower started to develop its own range using Perkins’ engines and Leroy Somer’s alternators. Today GoPower is one of the leading wholesalers of diesel generators on the African market.

Our success is dependent solely on how our customers judge us in terms of:

  • Service – Ensuring we deliver the best service as possible and develop long-term relationships with our clients;
  • Quality – Ensuring we provide the best equipment, at the right price;
  • Expertise – Ensuring we understand your needs and offer the best solutions.

Environmental Policy

We take active steps to reduce our impact on the environment. The design and improvement of all our products always include efforts such as increases in fuel efficiency or reducing carbon emissions.

Sound-proof cabinets on generators and light towers ensure our products to be some of the quietest available, reducing sound-pollution.

Safety Policy

Human safety is our first priority in our business – we expect our staff, contractors, suppliers, dealers and visitors to adhere to a ‘Safety First’ approach. We are committed  to designing and supplying products that provide our customers with the highest safety standards. Input from safety experts, operators and engineers are used to develop and improve the performance of our products ensuring safer operations.


GoPower uses Deep Sea Electronics brand for the control panel.
It is simple and intuitive to operate. There is a high level of information on the status of the generator. And you can easily control your generator with your mobile phone.




GoPower uses the Perkins engine in all generators.
Perkins is reliable, easy to use and easy to maintain.



GoPower uses the Leroy Somer Alternator for all generators. The new age of Leroy Somer alternator is used across the range.



Providing 24-hour automatic control of standby generator sets, 365 days a year

The GoPower Automatic Transfer Switch products offer differentiated features that simplify installation, operation, and system integration. The GoPower product range starts at 68 amps to 1000 amps, which offers a high level of functionality.


The GoPower made canopy is designed to be easily transported. The GoPower canopy is;

• Designed to be easily transported
• Cleaner, safer and quieter
• Designed for a simple serviceability
• Robust and durable
• Performance and reliability


Industrial exhaust silencing as standard
Easy to use
Designed to be easily transported
Cleaner, safer and quieter